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The International Aquatic Association 
The International Aquatic Association was established to teach Emergency First Response courses to professional lifeguards, ocean rescuers, and groups or individuals involved in a variety of activities and professions who seek this instruction. 
We are dedicated to superior quality and results in the education of these courses and utilize the latest educational materials and equipment. The Association prides itself on the professional education of these courses.
Helena Khoshnevis 
President / COO


The International Aquatic Association is supported and monitored by the fastest growing and one of the largest First Aid Training Agencies in the world.
Our primary purpose is to deliver course content in a professional, structured manner while making our classes engaging and appealing to participants. We also serve aquatic facilities and businesses around the world with professional and qualified personnel. Our instructors are certified and have experience in their field through continuous training and experience. 


Based in Palm Beach County, Florida, IAA's trainers are not limited to local instruction. Our instructors travel internationally to where our services are needed. 

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